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Ideas and tips for a more environmentally friendly lifestyle

There is a lot of information out there about the need for sustainability and the different eco-friendly methods we should adopt. Living sustainably can seem expensive and hard at first but in the long term it not only works out cheaper but it can also improve our personal health and well-being. Most importantly, doing your bit, however small, can help our lovely planet and make it a better place for future generations.

A more sustainable wardrobe

Fashion is undeniably one of the worst polluters of our planet and contributes more to climate change than international aviation. The fashion industry is unsustainable, not only in terms of fibre production and manufacturing, but also transportation and shipping. Many businesses have already started implementing more sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Unfortunately, there is still an undeniable demand for fast, easy and cheap fashion and as consumers it is our responsibility to make a change. There is only one solution – invest in quality rather than binge on quantity.

About 107 billion items of clothing were bought in 2016. Thus, the need for good quality, long-lasting apparel rather than throw away fashion is greater than ever. Investing in quality natural fabrics is the first step towards fashion sustainability. Bamboo, silk, organic cotton and tencel are some of the fabrics we source and use to create clothing that is long-lasting. After all we must not forget that synthetic fibres shed micro particles that get flushed with the water every time you wash them. This is why natural fibres are becoming more and more important.

Bamboo trees grow naturally, without any need for pesticides and fertilisers, while bamboo fabric decomposes also naturally. Antibacterial, water-absorbing and breathable, Patra has a wide range of bamboo clothing from thermal baselayers to daily essentials.

Silk is the strongest natural fibre and as such can sustain more pulling pressure than other fabrics. Apart from its strength, silk is widely known as a very breathable and hypoallergenic material, ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Tencel is taking the fashion world by the storm and is considered as a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for your clothing needs. Made from eucalyptus trees and sourced from land unsuitable for agriculture, tencel’s production is completely transparent. We have expanded our tencel range to include high-performance clothing that is comfortable, stylish and versatile.

An eco-friendly beauty regime

When we talk about quality and change, it’s not just fashion we need to consider. The beauty and skincare industry is up there too. However, there are easy solutions – many beauty brands, small and large, focus on offering ethically produced and ecologically packaged products. We are all about supporting small businesses and we’ve come across some absolutely fabulous little brands.

Sheffield Skincare Company are a fantastic brand offering 100% natural products. You can find a wide range of gorgeous soaps, creams, butters, scrubs, candles and much more that are cruelty free with vegan options available too! But that’s not it, they also have some lovely teas and skin care accessories made of natural, ethically sourced materials. They are expanding their ranges with the promise of exciting new products like Mineral make up, Natural deodorants and Shampoo ranges.

Most of their packaging is made of recyclable paper as well as biodegradable wrapping made of potato starch and plant celluloses. The founder, Megan, is clearly determined to make a difference with her business and we think it’s great so look them up because it’s worth it.

natural beauty

Another fantastic little company is Milla Maddern, also known for their Jane Maddern classic soaps, all made in Somerset with ingredients such as high quality goat’s milk, Manuka honey and Aloe Vera. Their range includes hand-made soaps, hand and body creams and body wash all finished with organic Manuka honey from New Zealand. Each and every soap is wrapped in rice paper and neatly finished with a hand-stitched colourful piece of fabric.

Doing your bit

There are so many ways in which we can move towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. A small change can make a big difference like bringing a bag to the supermarket or using your own cup when ordering a coffee. And with coffee mugs made in all-natural materials like bamboo we really have no excuse!

Here’s a useful tip: if your favourite pure cotton shirt has a tear that can’t be fixed or you’re simply bored with it why not re-use the fabric and turn it into reusable food and container wraps? Cling-film is not recyclable and this is a fantastic alternative. All you need is some beeswax (available in many health stores and online) and an iron. Alternatively, the ready-made products are also available to purchase.

Living a more sustainable way doesn’t have to take over your life, you can easily make small changes that will enhance your life as well as the world around you. Fill your wardrobe, your bathroom and the rest of your home with naturally sustainable long lasting products and enjoy their many benefits. Please pass on the natural ways and let’s make ourselves and our planet happier. A little bit of effort goes a long way.


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