The best underwear for your health

Underwear for health and wellbeing

How to choose the right underwear and base layers for better wellbeing

Our underwear is the basis of our clothing. Feeling comfortable in it is akin to feeling more relaxed and confident in our professional and personal lives. After all, what we wear makes a huge difference on how others perceive us and how we feel about ourselves. So, read on and discover the best underwear to choose for your physical and emotional health.

Breathable base layers for working out

When working out, underwear with moisture-wicking technology are your best bet. It works wonders to help prevent yeast and other bacterial infections. Your underwear needs to be well-fitting, because overly loose or tight underwear can be uncomfortable and even unhealthy for you. Too-tight underwear may cause irritation, especially because of perspiration. So, if you are running on a treadmill or sweating outside, good-quality, breathable and moisture-wicking underwear is essential.

In this case, natural fabrics are the best performers. Bamboo, cotton and silk, are a great choice for underwear due to the materials’ breathability. Made from thinner fabrics and finer yarns, bamboo, silk and cotton allow the skin to breathe and wick away moisture easily. Their lightweight and soft texture make them perfect for everyday use and any kind of physical activity.

Underwear for allergy sufferers

It may sound farfetched, but clothing allergies do happen. Textile or clothing dermatitis is a skin irritation caused when certain fabrics come in contact with the skin. Synthetic fabrics, like polyester, nylon or spandex do not breathe as well as natural fibres and they make you sweat more, because of that. Skin irritation can also happen due to the dyes and other chemicals used in the production process. Formaldehyde resins that are used to make garments wrinkle-free and dirt-repellent can cause serious health problems, and people with sensitive skin, who are more susceptible to these types of allergies, should pay extra attention.

Bra comfort

For years the majority of women wore bras with thin shoulder straps, multiple clasps and underwiring. These would often mean that you’d end up with sore shoulders, feeling pinched and rubbed. Thankfully, there are now many bralets and crop tops you can choose from that give support without the discomfort. Non-wired, wide strapped and made from super smooth silk and other natural fabrics – these crop tops offer a supportive alternative to traditional bras. They feel great next to your skin and your boobs, back and shoulders will all feel the benefits.

Cancer relief

Crop tops are not only a comfortable piece of underwear, but they are also recommended after a reconstruction surgery. Mastectomy affects 43% of women in the UK today, so not being able to find a bra that fits is a common problem and our crop tops are the solution. Made from natural fabrics, they are not irritating at all and have a little give.

If you are undergoing chemotherapy, a turban hat made from natural fabrics is perfect for concealing hair loss. It can provide full-head coverage and is skin kind and extra soft.

Ways to positively affect your health

The first – and most obvious – way is to choose underwear made from natural fabrics. Kinder next to the skin and with antibacterial properties, underwear crafted from natural fabrics are like a balsam on the body. They feel soft and comfortable, and higher quality, as they are non-irritating and breathable. That soothing feeling combined with the lessened use of chemicals – comparing to synthetics – makes our silk, bamboo and cotton fabrics the best choice for high-performance underwear.

Secondly, you can choose light-coloured garments with less dye. Dyes and harsh chemicals can be found in various stages of textile manufacture and production that can cause serious problems for the environment and people’s health. The use of natural dyes and less dark and intense shades would definitely make a difference. As technology improves, we believe that leaving behind heavy metals (involved in the dyes) and harsh chemicals in garment and underwear production is achievable.

Finally, you can regularly replace your underwear. While following the suggested care instructions would prolong the life of your underwear, it is still recommended for hygienic reasons that you keep your underwear no more than a year tops and your bottoms and briefs no more than six months. Proper care is vital for the useful life of your underwear, so using a skin-friendly hypoallergenic laundry detergent and storing all underwear in an airy space will ensure that. In this way, your underwear will always be clean and fresh.

Patra’s dedication to comfort and wellbeing

Staying comfortable and healthy is always the goal behind the production of Patra underwear. Made from natural fabrics and with excellent moisture-wicking capabilities, our underwear is breathable and ideal for people with sensitive skin. What’s more they are all cleverly crafted to not only flatter real women but also to offer comfort. Catering to a variety of tastes, you will definitely find something you like in our naturally beautiful underwear range!


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