Autumnal colours/prints your wardrobe will need this season

As a company that always loves to grow and evolve, we are always keeping up with the latest trends. 2022 brings a colour pallet and fresh set of patterns that carries a sense of optimism, healing and nostalgia! Our new collection of colours and prints connect you with nature and remind us of the simple and finer things in life. These are absolute must haves in your wardrobe this season! Read on to find out which of the most popular colours and prints you need in your wardrobe this autumn.


Shades of green

Greens are universally associated with nature. They are linked to grass, plants and trees and make perfect autumnal colours in your wardrobe. Nourishing, earthy and more muted green shades such as jade, pine and emerald are fantastic choices that will never go out of style. These stunning shades of green are reflections of nature with jade and emerald being naturally occurring minerals. Both gemstones and the colour green in general are connected to the heart chakra bringing feelings of love and compassion. A fresh set of colours that are absolute must haves in your wardrobe this season and for many more to come.


You can always rely on pink tones to provide excitement and optimism. Orchid flower has been named colour of the year 2022 so of course you are going to need some orchid in your wardrobe this autumn. A vibrant rose hue with purple undertones, orchid is an intense colour that stands out in all environments. It creates a sense of positivity and escapism and reflects intensity, passion and love.

We have not only used orchid in plains, but they are also seen in floral prints adding the perfect pop of colour. However we can all agree that weather used in abundance or in smaller details, orchid is a colour that appeals to everyone. We all need a beautiful shade of pink in our wardrobes to to lift our spirits and give us feelings of positivity, even if we don’t know it. Orchid is among the autumnal colours you cannot leave out this season.

Similarly to orchid, plum also contains some pink and purple hues. It is a great colour that fits perfectly with autumn and therefore will blend perfectly within your autumn clothing collection!



Everything from dresses, tops and trousers have got the blues. Shades of blue appear everywhere in fashion no matter the season. This autumn, rich and dark hues are most popular and are autumnal colours that everyone needs in their wardrobe. With navy being a neutral shade that goes with everything, it has the ability to seamlessly mix and match with anything you already own. Blues are truly effortless colours that will always look elegant and polished no matter the item of clothing. Why not invest in a staple piece of navy that will last long and be worn again and again for years to come.


You can never go wrong with a few neutral colours in your wardrobe, especially during autumn. Natural coloured knitwear is a must have. Influenced by nature and all things natural. This new range of natural colours brings a sense of familiarity. These are items that can be worn again and again and pair beautifully with any bottoms you already own. Natural coloured knits are must have staples this autumn. Textural knit patterns add an elegant touch to ordinary knitwear.


Florals, leaf prints and blooms are nothing new. Floral prints have always been a staple for most womenswear no matter the season with aw22 focusing more on the renewal of our love for nature, it is no surprise that we are bringing florals back again. Feminine, carefree and season less staples. Every woman needs some floral prints in their wardrobe this autumn. From ditsy to larger scale florals with more muted prints with similar tones. We are seeing floral prints everywhere from dresses to bottoms.

Dots are an all-time classic print that belong in your staple pattern collection. We are seeing dots and circular prints of all different sizes this season with hints of Persian red and plum hues nodding at autumn. Circular prints are versatile and can be worn any way you like. Throw on a dotted scarf over your outfit to score some extra styling points!

Transitioning to the new season with optimism

This autumn features fresh new colours and patterns that look and make you feel good. Our new collection combines timelessly natural looks with contemporary styles for wardrobe longevity.

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