Trousers – How to find the best cut for your shape

Autumn winter 2022 trousers

The perfect pair of trousers has the potential to truly transform your fashion game. But how do we know the perfect styles to choose? It is a good idea to choose the right trousers to fit your body shape. Having perfectly fitting trousers can make a huge difference in the way you look and feel. We have put together a guide on how to find the perfect trousers for your shape.


With a rectangle body shape, your shoulders, bust and hips are all in alignment with each other with little waist definition. Creating curves with your clothing is the best way to flatter your figure. A lot of trousers look great on a rectangular body shape and are able to give the illusion of a curvier figure. High waisted trousers will flatter your mid-section and create a more defined waistline. Waist details such as a belt are great accessories that will add to the look. They will draw attention to the area effortlessly.  Our NTT trousers do just that! Its modern and stylish cut with belt helps to create a sleek silhouette.


This body type is characterised by a rounded shoulder line, a full bust and a full middle. Normally with an apple shape, the waist area is not defined. If you have a fuller mid-section, it is a good idea to give straight or wide leg trousers a go! They are great trousers for your shape and are perfect for elongating your figure and establishing balance. These trousers are super comfortable and sure to give the illusion of a more balanced shape. Opting for mid or high rise helps to establish the appearance of a waistline and elongate your legs.


Typical hourglass figures have an equally proportioned bust and hips and a defined waist that is smaller than the hips and shoulders. An hourglass is a naturally balanced body type and therefore maintaining balance is important. Pay attention to the waistline and shape/ fit of the legs. Opting for trousers that offer waist definition is a good way to enhance the area. This can be found in high waisted trousers or ones with a thicker waistband or belt. Straight or wide leg trousers are favoured for an hourglass body type as both of these fit curvy bodies very well and help to lengthen the appearance of your legs. Having them with a slight flare can also enhance your curves in the right places.


If your hips are wider than your bust and you have narrow shoulders and a well-defined waist, your body type is pear shape. It can also be referred to as the triangular body type. Most pear shaped women have a clearly defined waistline and it can be hard to find the perfect pair of trousers for your shape. Mid-rise trousers can help to further define your waistline. Trousers without side pockets are also ideal for smoothing the area without drawing too much attention. Straight leg and boot cut trousers work great with curvy hips while still elongating the legs. TRV is an easy and stylish option that features fresh new autumn winter prints.

In fashion, it is important to remember that there are no rules. The same applies when looking for the perfect pair of trousers. You can simply wear whatever you feel best in. If you find a pair of trousers that you feel truly wonderful in, wear them. And if you feel like they don’t fit very well, you can always have them altered! At Patra we have a range of trousers in natural and high quality fabrics that last long and can be worn for years to come!

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