Blue and white: The freshest colour combination

Blue and white has become one of the most popular colour combinations in fashion and they are almost unavoidable in your wardrobe, especially during the summer seasons. But why are these colours such a popular choice?

Blue and white has been one of the most popular colour combinations throughout history. These colours were originally used in Asian ceramics in the 9th century. These ceramics then began to spread across Europe and influenced the design of 16th century Delftware and the willow pattern created in the late 18th century by British manufacturers. Fabrics such as blue and white Toile de Jouy also began to rise in popularity during the 18th century.

Porcelain Blue and White

This paved the way for fashion designers who began using blue and white as a favoured colour combination. Inspired by 9th century Asian ceramics, Designers such as Christian Dior and Valentino began using these colours and patterns in their own work. This colour combination has been extremely popular in fashion ever since.

Not only have these been prominent colours in the fashion industry throughout history. But like all colours, blue and white have their own psychological meaning behind them. The colours we wear say a lot more about us than we think. Not only can they affect our mood, but our wellbeing as well.

Blue is the colour of the ocean and the sky. It is a very uplifting colour and one of the most popular to wear especially during the summer seasons. Blue can be very calming, quiet and refreshing causing the body to stay cool and the person wearing it to feel relaxed and at peace. According to colour psychology, blue is associated with trustworthiness and reliability. Baby blue can also be linked with youth and innocence. With its wide range of hues and shades, blue can be seen in fashion year after year no matter the season, making it a fantastic transitional colour.

Wearing white is also a symbol of innocence and purity. White is a suitable colour for the summer because it reflects sunlight and it’s a very popular choice in fashion because it is light and neutral. The colour white is worn as uniform in many jobs such doctors, nurses and beauty therapists to emphasise cleanliness. Wearing white can represent honesty and transparency.

It is no surprise that these colours work so well together to create a beautiful, classic and fresh combination for the summer season. Coming in a range of different styles and prints. The combination is versatile and looks great on all skin tones.


Flowy and Breathable Dresses:

Today, trends such as the nautical trend with its sailor inspired stripe detail, and porcelain inspired fabric which features a more floral print are highly popular in blue and white colours. Our stripy dress (BSD) and floral pattern dresses (BRD and NZMD) are inspired by these trends and will keep you cool and comfortable all day long.

Lightweight and Comfortable Shirts

For comfort and hassle free elegance, lightweight shirts look amazing in blue and white colours. Featuring classic dots, stripes and floral prints, trends that come back year after year no matter the season.

Tops, skirts, trousers

Easy combinations that will have you looking well put together no matter the occasion!

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