Dress Code for a Wedding 

Dress Code for a Wedding

A Patra guide on how to be the best dressed guest this Summer

The Spring Summer period is the busiest time for weddings. This means that you might find yourself attending one or two this year. If you are in need of some wedding outfit inspiration, keep on reading as this blog is for you.

Consider your budget

There are plenty of affordable ideas for wedding guest outfits with dresses being the most popular option. From floral to plain and elegant dresses that can be dressed up for the occasion. We think it’s important to beat the idea that occasional dresses are single wear pieces. To make the most of your purchase, consider a dress you’ll get plenty of wear out of and is versatile for all occasions.

Dress for the season

Dressing for the season of the wedding is very important. You don’t want to be wearing a something that is too heavy or form fitting in the middle of summer only to be left boiling and uncomfortable while waiting 3 hours for the bride to arrive! Light dresses in fabrics such as bamboo and cotton are perfect for those warmer days because they are lightweight, breathable and able to keep you fresh and cool throughout the day. Whereas thicker fabrics and long sleeves are perfect for looking chic while providing extra warmth during autumn and winter. Consider the shape and flow of the dress you are searching for. After all, luxury isn’t luxurious if you don’t feel great wearing it! Choose a dress you feel confident and comfortable in.

Time and location

Part of dressing for a wedding means taking the time and the location into account. For a daytime wedding, you may opt for lighter colour fabrics whereas an evening wedding may require darker and more formal colours. If you are going to a city wedding, you would normally wear something different than you would for one in the countryside.

Elegant trousers are also appropriate as a wedding outfit. You can pair these with a blouse of your choice and still look chic!

Explore our range

Our dresses, tops and trousers are comfortable, lightweight and easy to move around in while still allowing you to look amazing in all those wedding photos! Paired with accessories of your choice you are sure to win best dressed guest award at your weddings.


This gorgeous and feminine dress is elegant enough to be worn for special occasions. With its self-fabric belt allowing you to cinch your waist beautifully. It is soft, comfortable and has a stunning drape.


In a gorgeous and elegant floral print, this pure silk dress is a must for those special occasions. In Noil silk, it is refreshing and comfortable on your skin providing a luxury look and feel. Its A-line shape is incredibly flattering and provides a stunning drape. With a neat sleeve cuffs and modesty panel adding a touch of elegance for any formal wedding outfit this season.


This dress will look amazing paired with a scarf or hat of your choice. Its wrap design is figure flattering and can be adjusted for comfort. It drapes beautifully, made from a bamboo cotton fabric it will keep you fresh and cool all day long.


Perfect for those weddings in the summer either at the beach or the countryside. Its floral print will look amazing in the sunshine, and made from soft jersey it allows elegant and breezy comfort. With a drawstring waist, this jersey dress promises to fit and flatter.


Great for those evening or city weddings, this dress is simple, formal and can be dressed up to better suit the occasion. Lightweight and beautiful in an A-line cut that drapes beautifully.


If shirts are more your thing, this provides a stylish, fresh and feminine look. Perfectly suitable for the occasion.


For a flattering, stylish and elegant pair of trousers perfect for special occasions, look no further than this. They look and feel fantastic and its stunning design is enough to transform your entire look with ease. Pair with a simple top and accessories of your choice.


A simple and elegant pair of trousers that is sure to complete any wedding outfit and have you looking well put together no matter what you choose to pair it with. These pure silk trousers are the epitome of elegance and comfort with straight leg style and discreet back elastication.

Whatever you choose to wear, it is important to make sure it fits the dress code of the wedding. The couple will always specify a dress code that is appropriate for the venue and matches their desired aesthetic. This will give you a better idea on which outfit is best for this big day. Most importantly, it is important that you wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable to insure that you can enjoy the day!


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