Nine ways to keep your clothing smelling fresh for longer

Nine ways to keep your clothing smelling fresh for longer

Simple and creative solutions to help clothes stay fresh and fragrant

Ah, freshly-laundered clothes still smelling of sunshine! Who wouldn’t want that fresh smell to last longer? There are a few reasons that clothes don’t remain smelling clean; the quantity and quality of detergent you’re using, the humidity inside homes and even washing machine. As we love the smell of clean clothes, we’ve put together nine ways that can keep your clothes smelling fresh! These are easy methods, using everyday items, so no shopping required! Without further ado, here they are.

Coffee Grounds

Keep clothing smelling fresh with coffee grounds

Coffee has the unique ability to wake us up in the mornings, but that’s not its only use. Coffee grounds come in handy for many unexpected uses; from fertilising your garden to exfoliating. They are also perfect for removing mustiness from freshly laundered clothes.

Simply put some coffee grounds in a jar and secure a thin fabric on top of it with elastic. Then cut some holes in the fabric and leave the jar inside your wardrobe. That’s it, job done! Your clothes will stay smelling clean for longer. Replace the coffee grounds every month so that everything stays fresh.


Vinegar is another superhero in our homes. Just mix equal parts of vinegar and water and pour it into a spray bottle. Then spray it onto your garments or wardrobe and drawers and let it dry. Don’t worry about the smell of vinegar! It will go away as it dries. Remember to turn clothing inside out before you spray them, just in case it stains them. You can also spray white vinegar and water inside your wardrobe and drawers, it’s better to do it when they are empty, so they get a thorough cleaning too!

Bicarbonate of soda

Well, apart from an essential ingredients in many delicious and decadent desserts, you can also use bicarbonate of soda to keep your clothes smelling fresh! Just put two to three tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda into a container in a safe place in your wardrobe. Over time, the bicarbonate of soda will absorb any unwanted smells, all you have to do is replace it every month or so. Next time you are adding bicarbonate of soda to your shopping basket, remember you can use it for your clothes as well!

Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal has taken the beauty world by storm! From face masks to toothpaste, activated charcoal is becoming a common ingredient. It is also useful for removing unpleasant smells and getting rid of mustiness in your wardrobe.

Just by adding two or three tablespoons of activated charcoal to a small container you can absorb odours and leave your clothes smelling fresh. Be careful though, activated charcoal powder is still a form of charcoal and, so, can stain your clothes if it gets in direct contact with them.

Potpourri bags

fragrance your clothes with potpourri

If you are looking for floral scents in your wardrobe and drawers, potpourri bags are the solution! You can even make your own and add all your favourite fragrances. Just fill a little net bag with dried flowers or fruit and your favourite essential oil and, that’s it! Your clothes will be smelling of your favourite fragrance all year long!

Pomander ball

This is such a great way to keep clothes smelling wonderful, plus it helps get rid of moths. A pomander ball is not only useful as decorations during the Christmas period but year-round as well! The idea is simple; just take a firm orange and stud it with cloves. Then, hang it in your wardrobe and it will add a natural fragrance to your clean clothes.

Cedarwood blocks and hangers

Cedarwood is another natural way of adding fragrance to your wardrobe, as well as a great moth-repellent. You can invest in moisture absorbing cedarwood hangers to store your clothes properly, or if you don’t want this pricy solution, you can simply use cedarwood blocks. The light, woody scent with undertones of citrus gives wardrobes a nice fragrance and extends the freshness of your clothes.

Essential oils

Use essential oils to keep clothing fresh

Essential oils can go a long way in keeping your clothes smelling fresh! You can add ten to twenty drops of your favourite essential oil to the final rinse cycle or make your own dryer sheets, by adding essential oil to a clean washcloth and dropping it into your dryer. When clothes are dry, you can drop some essential oils on tissue paper or cotton balls, leave them to dry and then use them to keep your clothes (and wardrobe and drawers) smelling fresh.

Essential oils such as cedarwood, mint, rosemary, thyme, eucalyptus and lavender also work as a great moth repellent.

Soap bars

Get a fresh and clean smell with soap bars

Wrapping thin fabric around a scented soap and leaving it inside a drawer or your wardrobe, releases a wonderful aroma. You don’t need to be afraid that it might stain your clothes; thanks to the thin fabric, only the fragrance will disperse. After a while, you can take it out and replace it with another one.

With these quick and easy method using items you have in at home, you can create some very simple and effective ways to keep clothes smelling fresh and fragrant for longer!

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