Mastering your 9 to 5 style at home

Working from home outfits Patra

Easy working from home outfit ideas that combine comfort and panache

Traditionally, 9-5 style means workwear, reserved for the office. What does that entail? For many of us these comfortable, tailored pieces have been part of the modern woman’s wardrobe for years. Trousers, skirts, lush knits and dresses used to be our “uniform” for so long, these trusted items were part of our everyday lives. Then, the pandemic hit us, working from home became the norm for lots of office workers and many of us have been left a little baffled about how to dress during the day. How far can our relaxed outfit take us? Are the jogging bottoms fine as a working-from-home alternative? So what is now considered as WFH wardrobe? Here’s what we found out!

Easy-wear tops and shirts

No matter the sleeve length or the neckline, a comfortable top – made from natural fabrics –  makes your life easier when working in front of your laptop. Just think of yourself like a news presenter; a striking fresh top or shirt, perhaps paired with a jacket and no one really pays attention to your bottom half  (so you can be wearing you pj trousers on a video call and your colleagues will be none the wiser!). A comfortable non-restricting top or shirt is essential when thinking about a work-from-home wardrobe. What is your one? A silk shirt with an excellent drape? A hypoallergenic bright bamboo top? Or a durable and all-time favourite simple cotton tee? Whatever you choose, wear it with your best jacket, or without, for Zoom calls and you’ll be set to go!

Cardigans and luxurious knits

Forget those bobbly old cardies you sling on when you’re lounging. The cardigan has come a long way and many can really elevate your staying-in look in an instant. These cardigans still retain the comfort factor and are so hassle-free that you will never want to take them off! Now that spring is on its way, you can swap your heavy wool or cashmere ones with lightweight cotton in sunny, bright colours that lift your mood easily. Cardigans can transform anything you wear to effortlessly relaxed, while a jumper will hide your yoga top as you are trying to squeeze in a work-out session between video calls and presentations. Whatever you fancy, a pure cotton knit will give you more choice when it comes to your work-from-home separates.

Dresses (for when you feel like making an effort)

A colourful, breezy dress is ideal for the days when you wake up and simply want to make an effort or just want to feel a bit special. And dresses don’t have to be formal and restricting, so no need to squeeze into your little black dress or a pencil one that you were wearing in the office. In fact, it’s the opposite of that! Relaxed shapes, crafted from lightweight jersey materials, in elegant florals or plain – a dress will make even the dullest day seem exciting. By wearing a dress you will achieve an effortless look from the comfort of your home. Plus no more mismatching outfits, such as answering the door in a nice shirt and joggers!

Accessories that brighten your mood

Working in front of your laptop screen, day in and day out, wearing a top with a cardigan, yet it seems that there is something missing? Fear not, we know that exact feeling too! Our solution is simple; just add some accessories. From a silk scarf to a statement necklace or a pair of earrings, let your imagination run wild! Screen-friendly and a great conversational starter, accessories provide  visual stimulus for the day ahead. They can complete and elevate an outfit instantly and you definitely wear them during a normal day at the office, so why not try them when working from home? Let us tell you they are so worth the effort!


As the world of work has become more flexible, our workwear wardrobe seems to have evolved into a more relaxed, comfortable style. From spring knits to stress-free separates and dresses, it has become easier and – in some cases – more difficult (on those days when your motivation is flagging) to dress for working at home. However, one thing remains clear; by opting for a comfortable pieces you feel relaxed straightaway, yet more in charge. Stay productive in your work-from-home environment with minimal effort and dress for success without the stress, no matter how long you have to stay in front of your laptop screen!

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