What are the best fabrics for your winter wardrobe?

Natural fabrics for winter

Enjoy the benefits of wrapping up in natural fabrics

We may not be in the throes of winter yet, but it’s always good to plan ahead. If you are in need of some warm layers or you simply want to hit refresh on your winter wardrobe, this blog is for you! Natural fabrics are great for winter, as they have insulating properties and keep you warm without having to pile on layers upon layers. Clothing and accessories made from natural fabrics are an investment and if you take good care of them, they will last for winters to come. So, read on and see which fabrics suit you and your needs!


Cotton is the basis of a winter wardrobe. From shirts and tops to dresses and winter knits, cotton can be made as light or as thick as you want, to protect you from bad weather. Fairly durable and skin kind, cotton is a great alternative for people who have allergies to wool and other fabrics.  Breathable and soft as a feather, as a fabric cotton is an affordable option for your winter wear. And let’s be honest; who doesn’t like the feel of a cosy cotton jumper when it’s chilly outside?


A fabric that is as luxurious as it is hypoallergenic, silk is a year-round fabric with an excellent drape and a beautiful sheen. It may look fine and delicate yet silk is a strong fabric that you can keep as good as new if you wash and dry it carefully. You can wear it in any way you want; at Patra you’ll find an array of silk tops, shirts and jumpers, underwear and baselayers, even trousers and skirts made from this multifaceted fabric. However you can also adopt a “less is more” approach and invest in a few, high-quality silk pieces that will keep you warm and won’t irritate your skin.

Merino wool knitwear for winterMerino Wool

Crafted from the wool of Merino sheep, this wool is considered one of the finest and warmest types of wool. Merino is unbelievably soft and luxuriously gentle, as it does not feel itchy against your skin like some other types of wool, so much so that it resembles cashmere. Because of its fineness, a merino jumper can be worn close to the skin and will keep you suitably warm, even in the middle of winter, due to its insulating properties and the air pockets that are scattered throughout its structure. A great thermo-regulator, merino wool fabric combines style and function perfectly. The epitome of “looks can be deceiving”- the fineness of a merino wool jumper doesn’t mean that you will have to layer it over a button-down shirt to keep you warm. You can do that if you want, as the fabric is utterly versatile!


If there is one fabric that screams winter cosiness, it is without a doubt cashmere! The ultimate winter luxury, cashmere is the warmest natural fabric choice for the winter months. Obtained from the fine hairs of the cashmere goat, it is a natural fabric that is also biodegradable. A cashmere jumper will keep you warm without sweating – which is great, as you can avoid those pesky winter chills – and if you are prone to allergies, never fear! Due to its clever structure, cashmere doesn’t allow dust or other particles to set in, so no more skin irritations and redness! Cashmere fibres are also very fine, leading to that unique soft feeling that is always associated with cashmere. Utterly comfortable and soft, once you try on a cashmere jumper, we guarantee that you will never go back!


There are lots of reasons to like winter – cosy fires, comfort food and Christmas. But the thing we love most about this time of year is that we can finally reach for our jumpers and surround ourselves in the warmth of natural fabrics. From cotton, merino wool, cashmere and silk jumpers to tops and baselayers, we love how these fabrics are synonymous to winter time. For the fans of layering, natural fabrics will suit your needs, as they are not bulky at all and you’ll still have plenty of room in your coat, without getting overheated! Master your winter layering with cotton, merino wool and cashmere which are perfect transitional key pieces and you can wear them over silk to act as a protective barrier against the cold. Sometimes it can be easy to opt for cheap man-made fabrics and then feel disappointed when they shrink, get ruined in the wash or get full of bobbles and pulls. Clothing that is natural and well made is an investment you won’t regret. Get ready for a winter of natural comfort and style in cotton, silk, merino wool and cashmere and have all your layering dilemmas solved!


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