The Patra Guide to Sleeves and Necklines

The Patra Guide to Sleeves and Collars

How sleeve lengths and necklines can define a garment

Selecting a top or dress is not easy; sleeve length and necklines play a key role in the process. They have to reflect the occasion for which the item is intended, as well as the time of year. After all, every piece in your wardrobe should complement both your complexion and figure. Today, we are delving into the world of necklines and sleeve lengths to give you a better understanding of what’s available and which styles you should be choosing for maximum effect.

Sleeve lengths

As you can imagine, one cannot deviate much regarding sleeve lengths; you can have cap sleeves, short sleeves, three-quarter length sleeves and long sleeves. Each has benefits and can flatter different figures in numerous ways.

Cap sleeves

The cap sleeve just about covers the top of the arm, as the fabric is extended up and over the shoulder cap. It is not tight-fitting, instead it has a loose, comfortable fit above the arms. Cap sleeves work well in the summertime and they can even make your arms look longer.

Short sleeves

A more form-fitting sleeve than the cap one, it is a style liked by millions of people worldwide. It can extend as far as the elbow and is very easy to wear and accessorise with. A sleeve that ends at the peak of your bust will make it look larger, so when you select a top, think about which parts of your body you feel confident about and which you’d like to accentuate.

Three-quarter length sleeves

A three-quarter length top is ideal for cool autumn weather. It sits just below the elbow and leaves a part of your lower arms up to the wrist uncovered. As a sleeve length, it is very flattering, because it will make your legs look longer and your arms slimmer.

Long sleeves

A long sleeve is pretty self-explanatory – it runs from your shoulders all the way down to your wrists. So versatile, they are perfect for cold temperatures, as they offer maximum protection from the elements.


Choosing the right neckline is important; it will frame your face and create more balanced proportions. It is not easy to select the type that best accentuates your silhouette. So to help you out, here is everything you need to know about types of necklines and how to choose the best for you.

Boat neckline

This wider type neckline draws the eye towards the shoulders. This way it balances out wider hips or smaller bust. Elegant and graceful, boat necks are the favourites of the Duchess of Sussex and we totally understand why!

Cowl neckline

A cowl neckline drapes in rounded folds and can flatter a variety of body types. It adds depth to your silhouette and lengthens the torso. Thinner folds are perfect for large busts, while thicker are better for smaller busts. There is nothing more stylish than a cowl neck dress or top!


This one is a classic and simple neckline that finishes closer to the face than other styles. Women with a long neck or a small chest often prefer this neckline and large-busted women should best avoid it. A crew-neck top is ideal as a layer or even as an undergarment.


If you are looking for a feminine and chic neckline, a collared one is your best bet. It does wonders for large busts and thinner necks, as it frames the neck beautifully and it is very flattering. A top or dress with a collared neckline can be casual or smart, all depending on the accessories you’re planning to wear.

Round neckline

This is one of the most popular necklines, for a simple reason; it suits all women of all shapes and sizes. Just a classic neckline for any type of top or dress. So, if you’re still having doubts about which neckline is best, you could always play it safe and opt for a round neck.


A variation of the round neckline is the notch one, which has a small vent in the centre of the neckline. It will transform a simple top or dress into a fashion statement, without compromising on comfort. It helps the neck look longer and can suit both large-busted and small-busted women.


This one is also a popular neckline choice. The reason? Everyone looks good in it! By drawing the eye in, it balances out broad shoulders and lengthens short necks. High V-necks are perfect for small busts, while lower are better for larger busts, as it gives the impression of elongating your figure.

Turtle neckline

Ideal for cold, winter days, a turtleneck is a sophisticated and also practical neckline. Sitting just below the chin, it helps balance a long face or long neck. A turtleneck can suit every woman of every body type and size.

Scoop neckline

This kind of deeper and wider neckline is flattering to anyone. It broadens the shoulders, lengthens your neck and highlights your collarbones. A scoop neckline is very easy to accessorise as well, making it ideal for casual and dressy tops.

Sweetheart neckline

This type of neckline makes a woman look leaner. It can suit all bust sizes and body types. By enhancing every woman’s natural curves, the sweetheart neckline is a very flattering and popular type of neckline.


Choose the style that works for you

When it comes to sleeves and neckline, it is important to go with what works for you, rather than focusing on the latest trends. Think about how the item of clothing makes you feel when you’re wearing it – you deserve to be comfortable and confident in everything you wear.

As well as the fabrics we select, our necklines and sleeve lengths are designed with your ultimate comfort in mind and make our dresses and tops truly special!


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