How to get rid of moths

Get rid of moths

The best ways to stop moths destroying your clothing

Moths aren’t a serious threat to your home or your health, but if you’ve ever got out your favourite sweater only to find it’s been nibbled by a moth, you’ll understand the damage they can do. They eat through fabrics, especially wool and cotton, leaving gaping holes. This can ruin your gorgeous clothes. On the bright side, there are plenty of ways to get rid of moths and keep them out of your wardrobe.

Wash your clothes before putting them away

Clothes moths mainly eat through natural fibres, but they are also known to eat through synthetic clothing to get to food sources such as stains. Because of this, it is essential to make sure that all your clothes are clean before storing them. Even invisible stains such as perspiration or clear drink stains can oxidise over time and attract insects.

Stop moths destroying your clothes

Don’t let moths get too comfortable

Any clothes that aren’t going to be worn for a while need to be stored well. Moths love peaceful environments, so a jumper left undisturbed in your wardrobe, not only makes a great moth snack but could also attract dust and encourage them to lay eggs. Storing clothes, especially your winter knits, in an airtight bag or plastic container will inhibit them from getting to your clothes as they are unable to chew through these.

Keep your wardrobe ventilated

Moths are drawn to warm and humid spaces. Therefore, keeping your wardrobe well ventilated will help to prevent them. You can do this by leaving your wardrobe door open from time to time in order to increase airflow and allow fresh air to enter.

Prevent moths ruining your clothes

Clean and vacuum regularly

Keeping your home clean will not only help to prevent moths, but it will help keep other pests away too. Wiping down surfaces and vacuuming regularly will rid your wardrobe of any dust or crumbs that moths are attracted to as well as removing any moth eggs, which they tend to lay in hard to reach areas that are unlikely to be disturbed.

Cloves, thyme, lavender and rosemary

You can make your own home-made moth repellent with cloves, thyme, lavender and rosemary. These natural fragrant herbs can be placed in a small cloth bag and hung in your closet and they are sure to help keep the moths away. Alternatively, you could spray the diluted essential oil of these plants in your wardrobe. However, it is important to avoid getting these oils in your clothing as it could cause staining.

natural ways to protect against moths

Moth repellent

Cedar ball repellents are also great for keeping moths away. The fragrant oil within the wood helps to repel moths without being harmful to your health.

You can also buy cedar hangers, which are a beautiful way to hang your clothes and protect against moths as well. Cedar spray is another option to ward off the moths (just remember to remove your clothes from their hangers before spraying).


Natural fabrics are beautiful, and when cared for they can last for many years. Cashmere, wool and silk are very delicate fabrics and they are also moth favourites! By keeping your clothing clean and free of moths you can ensure that your clothing investments can last as long as possible.

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