A guide to the best fabrics for summer

Natural fabrics for you to enjoy this summer

The natural fabrics you can rely on in warm weather

Although it seems like a long time coming, summer is just around the corner! Warmer days are on their way and with them, the opportunity to wear something that will let you feel cool and collected, regardless of the rising temperature. The slight downside to warmer weather is humidity, as there is nothing worse than wearing something on a summer’s day that doesn’t let your skin breathe. Thankfully, we have a wide range of fresh, natural fabrics that are ideal for hotter days. They work like a charm, so we have created this guide to make life easier for you. Read on and take advantage!


It’s no surprise that cotton is on any decent summer apparel list! Cotton is a breathable fabric that allows excess moisture to escape, without being stifling. Versatile and so easy to care for, it only requires minimal up-keep and maintenance. Cotton is an excellent choice of material for summer, from airy dresses to comfortable trousers and tops. While cotton, in general, is a fantastic fabric to wear during the heat, the same does not apply to denim, which is essentially made from the same fibres. Denim is a heavy and rather restrictive fabric, so it’s not really a practical choice at this time of year!


Let’s be honest! Linen is the king of summer textiles. Lightweight and breathable due to its weave, linen clothing is perfect when it’s hot and muggy outside. It is also far more versatile than its given credit for, so you don’t just confine linen to the ‘holidays by the sea’ section of your wardrobe! Invest in a classic, chic linen shirt or trousers to achieve effortless city dressing each and every time or pick a linen dress that is all about comfort. Linen is even more absorbent than cotton, making it even more wearable in a summer heatwave. The most remarkable thing about linen is that it is so durable and will remain with you for many summers to come!


Silk doesn’t always get appreciation it deserves as a cool and fresh fabric that is perfect for summer, and we are here to set things straight! Silk is lightweight and a great thermo-regulator, so it will adapt to your body temperature easily. A pure silk garment will feel soft and smooth to the touch and won’t weigh you down – if you have a summer occasion or garden party coming up, a silk dress or blouse and trousers make an incredibly chic yet comfortable choice. And let’s not forget a silk scarf which can instantly elevate any outfit. You will definitely make an impression!


Bamboo is a relatively new fabric and another summer saviour because it remains cool and fresh, whatever your activity. Hiking, trekking, walking, enjoying a day on the beach or just relaxing at home; bamboo is perfect for all those fun and entertaining occasions. Its antibacterial properties are second to none, so even if worn for hours, it will remain odour free. Even as you sweat, the moisture will be absorbed and released so quickly that you won’t notice! Soft and airy, bamboo clothing is a delightful choice for summer and since summer inevitably means travelling, getting stuck in a car, coach or train for hours will not put a dampener on your mood!


A high-performance fabric or an ultra-soft and light material, Tencel goes really well with summer! Not only does it absorb moisture due to its fibre structure, but it is breathable as well, meaning you’ll stay comfortable and fresh during the summer. The properties of Tencel aren’t only limited to how the fabric wears, but also how it supple it feels and how gracefully it falls on your body. Tencel resists wrinkles (goodbye iron!) and drapes so well that it can complement any silhouette. Add it to your shopping basket the next time you’re looking for something lightweight to wear because Tencel will turn your world around!


Summer is a time to enjoy the great outdoors and catch a bit of sunshine without anything bothering you. Everything is freer and more relaxed during the summer, so shouldn’t your wardrobe reflect this? Don’t let synthetic fabrics hold you back and search for shade this year, instead embrace the benefits of an all-natural wardrobe. Cotton, linen, bamboo, Tencel and silk are the epitome of comfort and freshness that allow you to make the utmost of the weather, whatever the setting or occasion. Make the switch to these fabrics for summer, let your body breathe and feel the difference!

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