Why cashmere is always the right choice

Why Cashmere is always the right choice

Discover the joys of indulgent cashmere knitwear

As the days draw in and the temperature falls, it is reassuring to know that you can fall back on comfortable seasonal staples and fabrics that won’t irritate your skin –incredibly soft knitwear with a cosy feel. The absolute epitome of this is cashmere; the king of fabrics during winter and a luxury material all around. Due to its price tag and softness, cashmere is generally considered a premium choice. However, if you look beyond this, you get a fabric that has multiple benefits, which merges style and function perfectly. For many reasons we consider cashmere one of the best fabrics for winter, read on to find out why!

Supremely warm cashmereSupreme warmth

Cashmere is a type of wool and, as such, it can offer the wearer maximum comfort. It is eight times warmer than plain wool, even though it is much lighter. Not too heavy and not too light, cashmere is the perfect weight for any transitional knit in your wardrobe. By choosing a cashmere garment you can rest assured that you will never feel cold, even when you are only wearing a light layer underneath it. Another advantage of cashmere is that feeling of warmth without being constricted because the fabric breathes extremely well. And cashmere isn’t just great for sweaters, it is also a lovely yarn for socks, scarves and warm hats – helping you stay snug from head to toe!

No irritation

One of the main points in favour of cashmere is that it feels kinder to the skin than most other types of wool. Many people associate wool with scratchiness and this is a valid concern, as plain wool contains shorter fibres and wider fibre length and this results in a coarse fabric that can feel a little rough against the skin. Cashmere on the other hand has longer fibres that are very soft and bend easily, so they will not “catch” on your skin to create irritation. The density of the fibres also plays an important role, as cashmere fibres are quite tight which eliminates the scratchiness you might feel otherwise.

Elegant and warm cashmereElegant and comfortable

Cashmere drapes beautifully and that’s a fact! As a lightweight fabric and one that is particularly resistant to wrinkles, cashmere will always look elegant and flattering on any body shape. Due to the flexibility of its fibres, cashmere has a natural stretch that will conform to the contours of your body, creating a neat and streamlined effect. An excellent combination of looking elegant and maintaining practicality (warmth), a cashmere garment is the essence of comfort!

Epitome of luxury

Everyone needs a touch of luxury and cashmere really delivers! Utterly comfortable, it will envelop you in cosiness and keep you warm throughout the day. What’s more, cashmere is considered a luxurious fabric not only because of its exquisite feel but also because it is really expensive to produce. Can you believe that at least three cashmere goats are needed to create one single clothing item, such as a jumper? Fun fact: in 2018 the global cashmere market size was calculated at almost 3 billion dollars. But if we put the numbers to one side for a second, what remains is the fact that items crafted from cashmere yarn are the softest and most comfortable, especially during winter time!

A smart investment

If you have to splurge on a winter material, then cashmere is the way to go. For all the reasons mentioned above and because it is a long-lasting fabric, a cashmere jumper, a pair of socks, or even a scarf, will stay with you and your wardrobe for years to come! We call pieces like this classics for good reason, and cashmere is indeed a classic (and timeless) fabric. It will look good with anything you have in your wardrobe but feel especially fashion-forward paired with an edgier material, such as leather, faux leather or even denim. In fact, a cashmere and leather combination is a favourite one for autumn and winter! No matter the cut, neckline or colour, a cashmere garment is incredibly versatile, but rarely looks dated, so if you are thinking about building a more sustainable and timeless wardrobe, the addition of one or two key pieces in cashmere would definitely fit the bill.

By investing in cashmere and getting to know this beautifully soft fabric, you will definitely see what has been missing in your wardrobe! This luxurious, timeless fabric which uniquely unites comfort and elegance. When it comes to long-lasting deluxe knitwear, cashmere is always the right choice!

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