How to wear a scarf

How to wear a scarf

Eight ways to style your scarves and make the most of this essential accessory

It’s officially scarf season and we cannot get enough of these cosy and stylish accessories! To keep warm or to simply make a fashion statement, scarves are a necessary building block for your autumn and winter wardrobe. As the temperature falls, adding a scarf is an important element of any ensemble. Made from natural fabrics such as pure silk, bamboo, cotton and wool mix, our scarves won’t irritate your skin – instead they maximise warmth and elevate any outfit.

However, sometimes it can be tricky to know the best way to wear scarves. Over the years the Patra team has become practiced scarf-styling aficionados, so we thought we should share some ideas with you.

There are many ways to wear a scarf and we’ve selected eight methods that work really well. Feel free to get inspired from these and create your own ways!

Ways to wear scarvesThe drape

Easy as pie, this style is a basic one that you can do with your eyes shut! Just drape the scarf evenly around your neck and let it hang. So simple and stylish, it works with a variety of scarves and can carry you from day till night.

A variation of the basic drape is the belted drape, where you put a skinny belt over your scarf and fasten it around your waist.

How to wear a scarfThe toss

You can now channel rock legends, such as Steve Tyler, or film stars, like Judi Dench with the toss. Simply drape evenly both ends of your favourite scarf around your neck and then toss one end over the opposite shoulder. Acting more as a stylish accessory than to ward off the cold, by selecting an outfit and tossing a scarf over one shoulder you will wow everyone you meet!

If you want to create variations of a single outfit, you can change the shoulder or toss the other end of the scarf over the opposite shoulder.

Beautiful scarvesLoop with a knot

For effortless style each and every time, you can loop the scarf around your neck once, or – if it’s a longer one – twice. Then, for an added touch of elegance, you can tie the two ends off to the side. This will look fantastic with a variety of outfits; from “workwear chic” to a basic top and jeans weekend option, the addition of a scarf provides colour and an extra element of interest to your ensemble. Plus, it’s a cold-weather essential, as the loop with the knot will keep your neck warm, no matter the time of day or occasion!

Accessories and scarves for AW20Loop through

A more creative variation of the loop is the loop through. You just have to fold your scarf in half and drape it around your neck. Then, put both ends through the loop and pull as tight or loose as you like. Warm and elegant, this method will tick all the right boxes when the weather turns colder. From lighter to heavier scarves, the loop through style works like a charm and makes even the plainest scarf to look beautiful!

Silk scarf styleCross-over with a knot

If you just love long scarves, then the cross-over style with a knot is for you! Simply drape the scarf around your neck and cross the one end over the other. Then, loop the one end around the neck and finally tie the two ends together. As with the loop styles, this one will keep your neck warm and protected, while keeping you suitably chic, with no effort at all!

scarves and snoodsInfinity

An infinity or snood scarf is incredibly versatile, as you can loop it around your neck once or twice or even drape it gently over your shoulders. If you don’t have a snood or infinity scarf, you can easily create a faux infinity one, by tying the two opposite corners of the scarf together and then putting it over your head with the knot at the back, once or twice. It’s a warm and stylish option that can easily change up your look in an instant.

Snoods for autumn and winterHead-cover

This is simply done with an infinity or snood scarf. You just have to pull the snood over the head and wear it as a hood. During rain or wind, the snood as head-cover protects your neck and hair. Keeping your hair away from the elements is important, because if wet, there’s a greater chance of hair breakage and damage. So, good for your hair and neck, while looking stylish – it’s a win-win situation.

Wear your scarf wellHead-scarf

If you want to feel the luxuriousness of a scarf around your head, neck and shoulders, then the head-scarf style is the winner! Just spread out the fabric, drape it over your head and toss one end over your shoulder. Then, you can have the other end falling elegantly down your body or maybe tossing the remaining end on the opposite shoulder. Preventing the cold and scoring major styling points? Count us all in!




These are just some of the ways that you can wear a scarf. Try them and see which works for you, or perhaps invent your own style! Select scarves that fit you and your personality, then style them to accentuate your positives, and bring a bit of interest to your outfits every day.



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