Styling Tips for Petites

fashion for petites

How to make the most of your height and feel confident in what you wear

Some might say that the tall and willowy look is something to be admired but it is also true that the best things come in small packages. However, as many of us who have not struck gold in height stakes will attest , buying the right clothes can be tricky if you are on the shorter side. For those of us who are rather petite, we have some excellent styling rules that can elevate your looks instantly. Whether you want to look taller or just feel good about yourselves, we have just the styling tips you need to make every outfit of yours simply memorable! So, have a read on and find out.

Keep proportions in mind

When it’s cold, layering seems a good choice. If an item fits you okay overall, but it’s too big in some areas, you can add layers to strategically cover them. For example, you can push the sleeves to your elbow – if the shoulders are too big – or layer up with jumpers or jackets – if the sleeves are too big. However in summer when layering will not work, it is best to follow the 2/3 – 1/3 rule. In this way you will not have to split your body in two halves, rather cover 2/3 of your upper body and 1/3 of your lower body.


Monochromes are your friend

A monochrome outfit looks stylish every time, but it can also do wonders for petites! By dressing in one plain colour, it can create the illusion that you are taller by elongating the body. The good thing with this rule is that it can be applied to any colour that suits you and can even include your footwear. You can pair shoes and bottoms that are similar in colour together to further elongate your legs or you can choose shades of nude, tan or brown (similar to your skin tone) shoes to appear taller.

Wear a dress

There is no reason to stay away from a dress if you are petite! In fact, dresses are a great option as they automatically create the 2/3 – 1/3 look. Choose a dress that falls just below or at the top of the knee to create the illusion of height. Keep your accessories in the same shades and you have an elegant ensemble that you can pull off instantly!

Create vertical lines

It is a well-known fact that vertical stripes give length to the body and you can use these when dressing. You don’t need to actually wear a vertical print outfit (although a light, vertical-line dress is definitely something to consider)! This is more about the idea of a vertical line and that can be achieved by wearing a single colour from top to bottom or even with an open cardigan. In this way, you will create a seamless ensemble that will not be broken up.

You can also find a vertical-print shirt dress that will create an illusion of height. Made from a lightweight fabric with thin stripes, a vertical-print dress will not overwhelm you and works its magic by keeping your proportions balanced.

Accessories that compliment your height

If you are petite, stay away from oversized accessories, as these may make you look smaller. Oversized bags can dwarf you; instead go for a small, cross-over bag that will add to your figure. Of course if you prefer a big tote (like most of us really) with plenty of space, then it’s better to stick to  neutrals shades.

The same goes for belts. Slim belts are the way to go, rather than broad ones. Here’s a tip for you: you can match your belt to your trousers or skirt to give the illusion of longer legs and taller physique.

looks for shorter womenShoes that flatter

We all love shoes, no matter the heel. High or low heels or even flats, we really cannot have enough! If you are petite, then high heels may feel like a one-way street to you. While it is obvious that you gain height when wearing heels, your feet might not agree with that. In this case, you can wear a pair of pointed toe shoes, with a little bit of heel (or none at all, if that’s your cup of tea). Just try to avoid ankle straps, as these can make your legs look shorter.


We think that the best rule of all, when it comes to dressing, is this one: choose clothes that you feel confident in and embrace your body! Real women come in all sizes and no-one has the perfect figure, but it’s always better to feel good about your body and everything you wear. Clothes made from natural fabrics don’t only make you look good, but also feel good. It’s never too late to switch to natural fabrics and embrace the way they feel on you!

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