Shirts for any occasion

shirts for all occasions

Breathable blouses for when you want to take a break from basics

Even if staying at home is a way of life for most of us at the moment, there is still time to think about fashion and use what you’ve got in your wardrobe to make any outfit work. No matter how comfy your loungewear (or even a pair of pyjamas!) might feel, you can still achieve the same levels of comfort with something that will make you look (and feel) a little more presentable. One of the most versatile items you can find in your wardrobe is the classic shirt. So, take inspiration from his handy guide we’ve created, it’s packed with so many different ways you can wear versatile shirts!


A classic cream or white shirt is a workwear dream! There are few items more classic than a crisp and professional-looking shirt. Even if you are working from home and not going into an office every day, there will still be times when you need to freshen up your look. If you’re stuck in front of your laptop making video calls, a cream or white shirt will make you look more polished and put together. Short-sleeve or with long sleeves, and in a variety of fabrics, you can pair our selection of cream and white shirts with anything you want; from pencil skirts and smart trousers to denim jeans and chinos, our shirts can be dressed up or down easily. Made from luxurious silk, crisp cotton or even sustainable Tencel, our shirts will give you an easy style choice, even if you are in front of a screen!

For those of you who feel more creative when it comes to workwear, why not select a lighter-toned shirt that you can pair perfectly with a pair of silk trousers for an added touch of luxury. Matched with pointed high heels, it will show you mean business (literally)! Our airy and comfortable striped shirt or our pure cotton shirt with woven motifs are perfect for this type of attire.


Who said shirts should be confined to the boardroom only? We have selected some shirts that are truly “kings of casual” – they can lighten your day, whatever you’re doing. Our shirts come in bright colours, airy materials and a casual fit; all things that are so important when you want that feeling of dressing up a bit but with minimal effort involved. You can leave them tucked-in to showcase your accessories or interesting details on your trousers, have them untucked, undo some buttons for a laid-back look or simply leave them half tucked-in to add polish to your outfit; with a casual shirt like ours, you can really have it all!

Cotton, noil silk and viscose are breathable fabrics and suit our shirts very well. Lightweight and comfortable – our shirts will make your Casual Fridays your favourite part of the week. Pair them with your favourite canvas shoes for a sporty look or ballet pumps and you are set to go!


For all your travels later in the year, we have you covered! There is no need to sacrifice your style for comfort, when you can have both easily. For that reason, our cotton shirts are here to save the day. Loose and airy, and made from breathable cotton, these bright and colourful shirts will make your day. You can accessorise them with a scarf or a long cardigan to suit the shifting temperatures of aeroplanes. You can also match them with your favourite pair of comfortable shoes to embody a laid-back attitude and be travel-ready. If your travel plans have been cancelled, never fear, you can wear our printed shirts anywhere, plus they are only a wash away. These pure cotton shirts are the essence of comfort and ease that will last you all season long.

statement shirtThe statement piece

Even during these challenging times, there will be moments when you want to dress up and feel a bit special. Perhaps it will be a birthday, a video call with family or friends or just something to do to cheer yourself up. If there is one shirt that instantly lift your mood and your style stakes, it is our silk mix one! Its relaxed cut makes this shirt super versatile and its print will definitely turns heads and add an extra touch of glamour to your outfit. You can play it safe with a pair of silk trousers or experiment with your favourite denim piece, this silk shirt ticks all the right boxes. This statement shirt goes so well with minimal accessories and looks like a real keeper!


No matter what you’re doing at the moment, our shirts have the ‘it’ factor, without any effort! Appearing professional, looking utterly relaxed or getting creative with your outfits has never been easier!

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