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how to style a tunic

The best ways to style tunic tops

Tunics have become one of the most versatile and comfortable additions to a winter wardrobe. Flattering and easily paired with other items you own, tunics are ideal casual-wear for any modern woman. You can layer them, play with proportions and create interesting outfits. If you are in a style rut, or want to experiment, a tunic is the perfect solution. Here we offer you some great styling tips, in order to get the most out of your tunic. So if you’d like to discover new ways to wear tunics, just sit back, read on and enjoy!

Tucked or untucked?

Utterly forgiving and all-round flattering, tunics can be worn multiple ways. You can easily layer them with a top and have them untucked, or leave them strategically tucked in; depending on whichever part of your body you want to focus on. This is quite easy to do and there are no steadfast rules! You can get creative and produce a variety of different looks by simply by tucking and untucking your favourite tunic.

Layer up!

A tunic is perhaps one of the easiest items to layer in wintertime. You can add a long cardigan, or a cropped jacket on top, pair a tunic with a cami underneath or if you feel extra adventurous, you can wear a tunic with a leather jacket or waistcoat. The long over lean rule will help you play with proportions and create a unique look. You don’t have to limit yourself to clothes when layering though! By using accessories, such as a long scarf, belt or a long necklace or pendant, you will add depth and dimension to your outfit.

The ideal pairing

The best way to wear a tunic is by pairing it with your leggings, treggings or your favourite skinnies. In essence, as long as your pair of trousers is fitted, then anything goes! As a tunic adds volume to your upper body, wide-leg trousers or jeans are not flattering, as they add unnecessary bulk to your lower body. A tunic matched with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans will look casual yet polished. Our favourite combinations with tunics include a pair of treggings, chinos or tapered trousers, so you can make your own outfit based on what you like the most!

Wear tunics with a beltIf in doubt, belt up!

Belts are essential and easy way to add definition to your waist. In order to keep an oversized silhouette from swallowing your shape, use a belt to create dimension. A braided belt is ideal for tunics that fall straight and have little shape. Fasten a belt at the centre of your waist, close to your belly button is rather than low on your hips. Wide belts that accentuate the waist and are slimming look great with tunics, while skinny belts are so versatile that they will work just as well with tunics, as they do with dresses and long, open-front cardigans.


Accessorise to your heart’s content by adding a pretty necklace or a patterned scarf to your outfit! A chunky statement necklace is perfect for simple boat neck tunics and will draw attention to your bust.

If you prefer wearing scoop or V-neck tunics, then a scarf is the best way to accessorise. Looped or tied around your neck for a touch of warmth or gently draped over your shoulders for a more flowing look, a patterned scarf can really seal the deal!

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

A tunic works really well with a pair of heels, as they can give you a long and lean appearance. Because the top is loose and flowy, it can make you look short, so you need all the extra height you can get! Any type of heeled shoe will work for a tunic with a relaxed cut, but with a more streamlined tunic, flats can give more laid-back and casual vibe. As usual, you do not want to look bulky and stocky, so keeping balance and proportions clean is always the way to go!


When it comes to styling a tunic, the idea is to get creative! You can choose an accessory you like, a pair of shoes that you feel comfortable in and any style of fitted trousers that take your fancy. As for the actual tunic, the best ones are made from breathable and natural fabrics. These have a beautiful drape and don’t cling to the body. A tunic is classic, versatile and forgiving to any kind of body shape, so you’d better embrace it!


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