British Exploring Society Sponsorship

Supporting BES with Patra base layers

To the Himalayas and back with Patra’s thermal baselayers

For the second year, Patra proudly supports the Himalayan expedition of the British Exploring Society. The trek, which will take place in August, is a challenging one both for the leaders of the expedition and the young explorers alike. Along with a bursary for a young explorer, it’s another chance for Patra to sponsor teams undertaking adventures and other sporting challenges all over the world.

What is the British Exploring Society?

Patra supports the BritishExploringSocietyThe British Exploring Society is a charity, established in 1932, as the “Public Schools Exploring Society” by Surgeon Commander George Murray Levick RN. The British Exploring Society is a world-leading development charity. Their focus is on young people, aged 16-25, and the idea behind it is that challenges can change lives and shape futures. Youth empowerment and raising awareness on a variety of issues, from the environment to self-confidence of the young explorers, is what the British Exploring Society is working towards, and we are very happy to be supplying the leaders of the Himalayan expedition with our thermal baselayers.

Where does the trek take place and what will the weather conditions be like?

Patra base layers protect you in cold climates

The trekking event takes place in Ladakh region of Indian Himalaya during August and we are glad to be a part of it again this year. The British Exploring Society’s expedition will carry out scientific research, traverse glaciers and admire the local culture. It is an opportunity to study the local flora and fauna, from the endangered snow leopard to Tibetan antelope. In previous years the teams had encountered a bear! In a country with an extensive mountain range and with the highest mountains in the region, Ladakh (or the land of high passes) is a high altitude desert. Summers are short and the high altitude means that there is less oxygen; an overall health risk.

Patra baselayers are ideal for trekking

The expedition members will be visiting the country during the summer season, which is generally dry and pleasant. During that time the average temperature may rise to 20 degrees during the daytime, but during the night it can drop to even below 5 degrees. In these conditions, the need for lightweight clothing that will keep the body warm in night and cool during the day is great. And this is where Patra’s thermal baselayers, offered to the leaders of the expedition, are playing an important role.

How is Patra involved in it?

Patra will be supplying the team with our lightweight pure silk, silk blend and bamboo blend thermal baselayers that are of the highest quality and offer high performance levels in any weather condition. From the Himalayas and the Alps to every part of the world, our thermal baselayers are essential for every trekking challenge. Lightweight and soft, they are comfortable under regular clothing and provide necessary protection when it is cool outside.

Silk Thermals

Silk is a multifaceted fabric. It is the strongest natural fabric, meaning that it can be stretched without losing its elasticity. It also lasts longer than any other fabric. Highly absorbent, it can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture. What’s more, it’s breathable, leaving you refreshed and cool, without letting sweat stick to the skin. It does this by releasing the absorbed moisture into the atmosphere. It is hypoallergenic and particularly beneficial for people with sensitive skin, because silk is naturally designed to keep the worm safe against other predators, such as the dust mites.

Bamboo baselayers

Bamboo on the other hand is the quintessential eco-friendly fabric. Made from bamboo trees that grow naturally and sustainably, without pesticides or water, bamboo is an excellent natural fabric. Bamboo trees also have antibacterial properties that pass on to the fabric, so it does not need chemical agents that are not suitable for people with sensitive skin or having other skin conditions. Anti-static, moisture-wicking and breathable, bamboo fibres make a highly comfortable fabric that performs well in any circumstance. Strong and durable, bamboo has natural deodorising properties that make it wearable even after several days.


Our pure silk, silk blend and bamboo blend thermal baselayers will be essential in the upcoming trekking challenge and Patra couldn’t be happier to be supporting this worthy cause. Life-changing adventures – that are shaping young people’s lives – are at the core of what the British Exploring Society believes in and, we are ever so delighted to supply them with Patra thermal baselayers.

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