Autumnal Layering: 7 wardrobe staples, 10 stunning outfits


Essential items to create that perfect layered look

There is a lot to love about crisp autumnal days, but dressing for weather that is chilly one minute and warm the next can be tricky. That is why the layering look is so perfect – not only is it bang on trend but it is also a practical and cosy way to dress on changeable days.

And if you shop carefully, selecting breathable, lightweight fabrics you can create a wide range of lovely layered looks with just a few stunning staples. These 7 Autumn / Winter items can be layered to create more than 10 different layered looks – it’s an inter-changeable set that will see you though the coming months in effortless style.

  1. Polo neck
  2. Silk shirt
  3. Longer length cardigan
  4. Treggings or jeans
  5. Skirt in checks or winter florals
  6. Gilet
  7. Long sleeved top

Look 1: Silk Shirt + Long Line Cardigan + Treggings

For a casual yet versatile look match a longer line cardigan or waistcoat with a pure silk shirt and treggings. Perfect for a lunch with friends or a day out. Comfortable, classic and easy to wear – this is a layered look that works perfectly.


Look 2: Polo Neck + Long Line Cardigan + Jeans

A great way to combine two essential layering staples – the polo neck and a longer line cardigan. If you choose a polo made of a soft and light fabric, like bamboo-cotton, it makes for a breathable layer that adds warmth but can easily be layered without feeling too bulky.

Look 3: Long Sleeved Top + Long Line Cardigan + Treggings

A beautifully long line cardigan in pure cotton melange adds an extra dimension to the outfit. When it is a little cooler out but not raining – a long line cardigan can easily double as jacket – this on-trend cover-up works so well with a top and skinny jeans or treggings.

Look 4: Gilet + Polo Neck + Jeans

Comfortable, cosy and incredibly stylish – a gilet is an essential layering item. Adding a little extra warmth when you’re out and about, it is so easy mix and match with your other wardrobe essentials.

Look 5: Silk Shirt + Long Sleeve top + Treggings

A silk shirt can always be worn as a cover up – giving you the opportunity to layer with a soft cotton top underneath. By keeping layers lightweight, you can feel cosy at lunch or at work without looking bulky.

Look 6: Gilet + Long Sleeved Top + Treggings

Treggings are fantastic for the layered look. Their slim fit means you can easily wear longer length cardigans on over them. Combining the comfort and stretchiness of leggings with the structure of trousers makes them so easy to wear. And because they are slim line, they fit nicely inside boots.

Look 7: Silk Shirt + Gilet + Jeans

Good quality is key when in comes to layering. Layers of synthetic fabrics won’t let the skin breath. A silk shirt under a silk gilet will give you the natural warmth you need as well as breathability.

Look 8: Silk Shirt + Long Line Cardigan + Skirt

By keeping the top half of your outfit plain, you now have the option to add some pattern with a skirt. Checks and florals in autumnal tones are popular with both designers and high street stores this season.

Look 9: Gilet + Silk Shirt + Skirt

If you’ve opted for a patterned gilet, let it shine and don’t surround it with other prints. Match it with a more muted bottom layer – mixing and matching patterns can be tricky.

Look 10:  Long Sleeved top + Gilet + Skirt

For a classic outfit, a patterned skirt matched with a long sleeved top is a simple way to stay stylish. A a gilet, a cosy scarf and long boots to take this look outdoors..



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