A women’s guide to dressing well over 50

A Women's Guide To Dressing Well Over 50-1

Style tips to keep you looking and feeling great

The web is filled of blogs and guides of ‘what not to wear’ for women of a certain age. We believe you should be able to dress however you please, which is why we have put together a helpful guide on how to dress well. So that you’re not left with a daunting list of what you can’t wear, but instead some exciting top tips on how to look and feel great. Here are some suggestions on how to make the most of what you’ve got, dress with confidence and help you select clothes that make you feel fantastic, whatever your age!

Dress to impress

Dresses are a must have for effortless styling. The perfect dress will leave you feeling both comfortable and confident A well-made dress can hide a multiple of sins – flattering your body shape, accentuating your best bits and covering overs that you’d rather not highlight!  Fabrics like a Cotton Jersey drape beautifully and don’t feel constricting.

Great lengths

Knowing how to wear clothes to your best advantage is vital as you get older. If you’re not a big fan of your upper arms, three quarter length sleeves look stylish and can be really flattering. If you’re looking for easy wear and ultimate comfort, A-line and Flared Maxi skirts are likely to become your favourite wardrobe essential. Teamed with a casual top, a patterned skirt is a great way to add colour to your daytime wardrobe and can be worn with tights for the cooler seasons.

Go-to essentials

This tip really applies to people of any age, but having a few items in your wardrobe that you can rely on to look good, flatter your body shape and make you feel good is so important. There are some classic pieces, items that never go out of fashion and that can easily be mix and matched. A pair of well-fitting jeans, a good quality white or cream shirt and a pair of dark trousers really are must haves for your wardrobe.

Steer clear of fast fashion

Not only is fast fashion bad for the environment, the majority of the time quality is compromised and can look tired after just a few washes. When we asked Tracey McAlpine, of the lifestyle website Fighting Fifty for her style tips, she said ‘I believe in purchasing investment pieces rather than fast fashion and buy to extend my wardrobe rather than replace it.  I am very conscious of waste and have to force myself not to buy on impulse.’

We agree, if you can think about quality over quantity, it is likely that your clothes will be more flattering and would last longer.

Let your body breathe

Let’s face it, with the combination of the UK unpredictable weather and having to deal with heating, air conditioning and various environments – our body has to adjust to a wide variety of temperatures on any given day. That is why it is so important to look for breathable clothing. Fabrics such as Silk and Bamboo not only offer breathability, but they are also hypoallergenic and wick moisture away from your skin, regulating your temperature. Buying clothing that not only makes you feel more comfortable but to your skin is so much better than opting for synthetics, such as nylon and polyester.

Brighten up your wardrobe

Introducing colour to your wardrobe can be overwhelming, but certainly isn’t something you should shy away from at any age. Bright colours and bold hues can lift an outfit and your mood. Lifestyle bloggers Annabel and Grace agree, when we asked for their style suggestions they said ‘Our only tip would be that, as we grow older, we should embrace colour – a pop of colour will light up your face (and your life!)’.

That’s not to say that we’d recommend neon headache-inducing shades from head to toe! But a brightly coloured top or scarf can instantly add a new lease of life to an outfit. Introducing pattern to your wardrobe can also be a great way of easing yourself into brighter shades if you’re not typically comfortable with them. Simply teaming pattern with a block coloured top such as Bermuda Blue and Butterscotch will have you feeling more confident in colour in no time.


Another way to accentuate the positives is to use accessories. Not only do items such as belts and scarves bring an outfits together, they are also great at drawing attention to a certain area. For example, a belt can help create a more hourglass figure and a scarf can draw people’s eye upwards and balance out a more pear shaped figure.

Confidence inspires confidence

Finally, you are comfortable and feel good in what you wear it will automatically make you feel wonderful. When you wear clothes that you love, it’s hard to go wrong.

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