Must-have Items for a Timeless Wardrobe

Must-have Items for a Timeless Wardrobe

How to select classic outfit essentials

No matter the weather, you need some staples that will get you through the whole year. Investment, quality pieces are hard to come by, while this transitional weather doesn’t help at all. We have a solution though to all your sartorial woes. The Patra team have selected five items that you can wear again and again, no matter the occasion (or the weather in this case).

Cream Button Down Shirt

A cream shirt is the most classic item you can own. It is simply perfect for any occasion – the kind of essential item that will take you from day to night with ease. From pencil skirts to tailored trousers, a cream shirt will look fantastic in any work environment. What’s more, you can also pair it with a cardigan or layer under a jumper – add a statement necklace for a chic, smart-casual ensemble.

Patra’s silk cream shirts are the ultimate staple no matter the season or the weather. Silk is a great thermo-regulator, so you will feel comfortable wearing it at all times no matter the season. All our silk shirts have an excellent feel and drape beautifully. They can be perfectly matched with everything you already own. In essence, they are the pinnacle of affordable luxury!

Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt truly is a staple that has withstood the test of time. It is work-appropriate and an all-around flattering skirt option. You can mix and match it for a variety of office and off-duty looks, as this is an incredibly versatile piece of clothing. You can pair it with everything from chic button-downs, classic T-shirts and jumpers or from ballet flats to courts and even trainers for those relaxed weekends, you can create as many outfits as your imagination allows.

We introduced a pencil skirt that was a favourite last season. Made from stretchy cotton and with a lovely floral print, it is ideal for this transitional weather. The jersey fabric makes it incredibly comfortable because we all know how restrictive woven skirts can be around the tummy. Being a double-fabric skirt, it will keep your legs sufficiently warm and the extra thickness will keep everything in place. This pencil skirt is so flattering, you will reach for it again and again.

The Midi Dress

A jersey midi dress (or two) is necessary for any transitional wardrobe. For the moments when you open your wardrobe and say “I don’t have anything to wear!” a midi dress comes to the rescue! It’s one of those instant style fixes. Add tights and a cardi depending on the weather and off you go – effortlessly classic.
Patra’s jersey dress makes for the ultimate effortless look – so stylish and easy. It drapes like a dream and it doesn’t crease easily which makes it a perfect all-day piece. The fabric is lightweight, breathable and moves with you. This is a midi dress that is essential in every wardrobe and every season.

Silk Scarf

It is not accidental that international style icons of the present and past, from the Queen to Audrey Hepburn, swear by it! An outfit can look more stylish and put together with the addition of a silk scarf, and you cannot have too many! Channel royalty or old Hollywood glamour with a silk scarf and elevate even the simplest of outfits.

Our silk scarves add the perfect finishing touch. Extra-long and incredibly soft in exclusive prints and colour combinations, our scarves are exactly what you need to make an impression. A pure silk scarf can be worn no matter the weather or occasion, as it is comfortable, airy and lustrous. For an elegant update to your outfit tie a colourful scarf around your neck, bag and hat or just throw it around your shoulders – done!

Black TrousersBlack Trousers

This is a must-have for sartorial emergencies! An absolute classic that can be adjusted and styled in a variety of ways. For a touch of Parisian chic pair them with a stripe tops and brogues or bring it up a notch and style black trousers with a bold print blouse and heels. A pair of black trousers are such a versatile item that they can see you through many seasons.

Our favourites are the classic silk trousers. Choose between a straight leg or tapered, the peach finish makes them incredibly soft on the touch and gives them a suede-like look. Silk’s incredible natural qualities combined with a well-cut style makes our silk range of trousers a fantastic addition to any wardrobe.

The secrets to a versatile and timeless wardrobe

When it comers to the perfect wardrobe, having a set of trusted classic pieces makes a world of difference. These items should be all about style rather than fashions that come and go. Invest in good quality clothing that is long-lasting, and most importantly, that you love to wear.
You’ll then find that you have the foundations for a wide variety of looks, these timeless favourites will become the building blocks for every outfit – whatever the occasion.

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