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Patra luxury lambswool

6 reasons why lambswool should be your first choice for knitwear

Have you ever wondered why lambswool is coveted in the world of fashion? Why is it considered to have the same value as cashmere or ultrafine merino? Perhaps you have thought about getting some warm woollen accessories, but can’t decide whether to opt for lambswool or another type of knit and are unsure what difference it makes?

We are here to answer all of your questions and to convince you that lambswool is one of the best wool investments you can make. This is the perfect time get cosy in winter woollens, when comfort reigns supreme and knitwear is king.

Patra lambswool1. It holds its shape, so perfect for clothes and accessories

Lambswool is the soft wool gathered from lambs the first time they are sheared, up until they are 7 months old. It is also the highest quality of sheep’s wool. It is softer, smoother and stronger than any other wool fleece because it comes from a lamb and rather than a fully grown sheep. Its fibres hold more elasticity than other fleece, so it doesn’t lose shape. This makes it ideal for much-used accessories, for everything from beanie hats to slippers.

2. Light to wear and soft on skin

Lambswool is lightweight and incredibly soft, so when wearing lambswool garments you don’t feel the itchiness that can be associated with some woollen clothes. It is a great choice for knitted accessories, cardigans, layering pieces and anything that come into direct contact with the skin.

3. Breathable and insulating

One of lambswool’s best known qualities is that it lets the body breathe. Due to little air pockets in the crimp of the fibres, lambswool can retain heat. It can also absorb humidity without weighing on the body, so you can feel warm in winter and cool during the summer months. Because it is a natural fibre, lambswool is an outstanding insulator – perfect for all kinds of environments and temperatures.

4. Hypoallergenic

Lambswool is naturally hypoallergenic and dust resistant. Dust mites are not attracted to it, which makes it perfect for people suffering from common allergies and asthma. Deeply soothing for adults and infants alike, lambswool bedding is a great, non-irritating, investment.

Patra lambswool5. Sustainable and renewable

As with every wool type, lambswool is environmentally friendly. The lambs grow back their fleece annually, so it can be shorn every year. Being biodegradable, it naturally decomposes in soil, releasing precious nutrients. For those of you who are eco-fashion conscious and do not want to sacrifice sustainability for comfort, lambswool is an ideal choice.

6. Made in Britain

Nearly half of British wool is exported annually and there are about 90,000 wool producers in the UK at the moment. Lambswool production has a special and prominent place: partly because of its overall qualities and partly because of the different types of lambswool available. For example, in the North the breeds have slightly thicker fleece because of the weather conditions, while in the South of England and Wales the fleece is thinner and finer.

Leeds was originally at the centre of wool production. The woollen industry was first established there during medieval times, however it lost its prominence after the Second World War. Scotland, on the other hand, is the home of excellent woollen textiles and is still well known for its cashmere and lambswool production.

Our lambswool accessories are proudly made in Britain; we are keen to support local manufacturers and lambswool production. Luxurious, soft and warm, it is the ideal fabric for wintertime. Incredibly comfortable, lambswool items make a thoughtful present for your loved ones and the perfect way to treat yourself.

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