Classic Winter Outfit Combinations

Perfectly sophisticated looks that have stood the test time

Fashions come and go but there are certain styles that are always à la mode. Like the iconic beauty of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, these chic simple pieces have a timeless elegance, making them stand out from the high street crowd.

Here are our picks of some must-haves: key pieces that every wardrobe should contain. At Patra quality comes as standard – so not only will the style stand the test of time but the fabric will still look its best it years to come.

Shirt and trousers

It is a classic combination. A crisp shirt with a pair of black trousers oozes confidence and old-school style. And this look doesn’t have to be too masculine either, a silk shirt and some simple jewellery, like pearls, will make it sublimely feminine in a flash. But you don’t have to stick with traditional black and white, try a shirt in a brighter colour for a more vibrant look. Like this one in stunning Fern green.

Wrapping up the right way

At this time of year you’ll often need a bit of extra warmth, especially when you’re out and about. Cardigans can sometimes lack style and coats can be too bulky – but a jacket not only adds an extra layer of warmth but it can also instantly smarten up your outfit, and have you looking chic in seconds.

Dressing up

Everyone should own a dress they feel amazing in, something simple and elegant. The perfect dress should be one that you can wear day or night. Look for one that you can dress down for a day’s shopping, or add a statement necklace or shawl for a formal event. But the most important thing is that a dress should flow beautifully – synthetics often cling and aren’t always flattering but a dress made of natural fabric such as this Silk Front Panel and Tie Dress will skim your curves graciously.

Dip into denim

Denim has actually been around since the mid 19th century, so it is a look that can definitely hold its own. And it is something that can look both chic and stylish. The great thing about a pair of jeans is how incredibly versatile they are. You could add a simple top for a casual look or a silk blouse for a lunch date.

Two other key pieces that look really great with jeans and are wardrobe essentials are the polo neck and the silk shirt. Wear one of these with your jeans and a good pair of court shoes and you’ll have an instantly classic look. And when it comes to denim you don’t just have to stick with jeans, a blue denim dress or this denim shirt make great casual classics too.

A class act

Dressing for yourself rather than following the fashions is a sure-fire way to look your best. But by taking our suggestions and adding your own individual style is bound to make classic, elegant dressing much easier. At Patra we enjoy making clothes that delight our customers and give them a touch of luxury, every day.

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