Patra’s new nightwear range promises a good night’s sleep

The importance of a good night’s sleep


Everyone knows that sleep is important – but why? And how do we know we’re getting a good night’s sleep?

Sleeping at the right times, for long enough, helps our bodies maintain healthy brain and physical functions. When we get good quality sleep we are protecting our mental health, physical health, quality of life and safety.

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute in the US says that prolonged sleep deficiency can raise the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and kidney disease. It also affects your ability to fight off common infections by impairing your immune system, makes you feel hungrier so the risk of obesity is higher, fall into ‘microsleeps’ in the day, which is particularly dangerous when you’re behind the wheel, causes you to make mistakes, or take longer to learn or understand things.

So we know that getting enough sleep is important, but most people are unaware that they are deficient in sleep. After all, most of us continue to go about our normal days, despite sometimes feeling tired. But sleep deficiency is harmful, not just to our own wellbeing, but to others – more accidents or poor decisions happen when we’re tired.

Why Patra sleepwear?


Like anyone fanatical about comfort, we at Patra love our sleep, so we want our nightwear to be the most comfortable you could wish for. Being too hot, too cold, itchy, scratchy material, tight seams – all these irritants can spoil a good night’s sleep and leave you feeling tired the next day, and the day after, and the day after that.

Our nightwear range – for men and women – covers all the season’s fluctuating temperatures. Natural fabrics, especially silk, have naturally temperature-regulating properties, making them ideal for night time when it’s easy to get too hot or too cold over the course of a single night.  Using super-soft fabrics the range is ‘designed for comfort’ with soft elastic where it’s needed and generous cuts to give you plenty of room to move, all helping towards a peaceful night’s sleep.



Types of natural fabric we use in our nightwear


We’ve added new styles and new fabrics to our sleepwear collection this Autumn, including a cosy but easy-wearing cashmere-cotton mix. Nothing beats natural fabrics for breathability, comfort and smoothness.

Cotton nightdresses


For the warmer nights, cotton-jersey nightdresses are lightweight and the soft cotton knit is unrestrictive. Short cotton nightdress and long cotton nightdress.








Cotton nightwear


We’ve continued our collections natural theme of Autumn foliage and berries. Unique brushed cotton prints and subtle designs inspired by nature ideally suited for when the weather gets cooler, these pyjamas and nightdresses are woven and then lightly brushed for extra warmth.

From left to right: Cotton Long Nightdress, Ladies Cotton Notch Neck PJsMen’s Cotton PJs,



We’ve kept our classics too – take a look at our pure silk pyjamas right out of Great Gatsby. These 1930’s styles are designed for him and her, with a classic silk piped finish for extra luxury. Team them with our silk kimono and they’re just perfect for lounging in and making you feel special.

From left to right: Ladies Silk Pyjamas, Men’s Silk Pyjamas, Fan Print Ladies Silk Kimono, Men’s Silk Kimono


And that something extra special for a perfect sleep

Pure Silk Satin Pillowcases



Restful, soothing sleep wouldn’t be complete without our pure silk satin pillowcase. Proven to reduce frizzy hair and even wrinkles, they are smoothing, cool and luxuriously soft.



Get the natural benefits of beautiful, breathable fabrics in the Patra nightwear range, and feel rested and refreshed, every day.

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