Skincare and the benefits of bamboo face cloths

The benefits of bamboo face cloths

How to make your self-care more sustainable and skin kind

Taking care of your skin is an important part of self-care but with so many products out there, it can be hard to find the right ones for you. By moving away from disposal face wipes or synthetic cloths, you can make your cleansing regime more sustainable, whilst simultaneously reaping the personal rewards of a cleaner complexion.  If there is one staple item we believe belongs in your skincare routine, no matter your age or skin type, it is a bamboo face cloth

A natural choice

This naturally soft and lightweight organic fabric provides gentle cleansing and exfoliation that is great for sensitive skin. Exfoliation is key to a clean skin and a healthy complexion and a bamboo face towel helps remove dead skin cells and other build up that leads to clogged pores, resulting in fewer breakouts. Long term gentle exfoliation also increases collagen production and promotes skin elasticity leading to glowing and more beautiful skin.  

Cleanse without irritation

You may be wondering what’s wrong with your existing wash cloth and what makes bamboo so different. Well, your current washcloth could be causing you wrinkles, acne and other skin problems. Regular towels are abrasive and become scratchier with every single wash, as it is recommended to wash them after every use to prevent the build-up of bacteria; it becomes too harsh on skin and can lead to redness, irritation and inflammation, the leading causes of premature ageing. 

A natural skincare choice

Aside from that, most synthetic fibres are badly made and coated with chemicals that are harmful and potentially toxic to your skin and health, from colouring to pesticides and fertilisers. Natural fibres are always safer and will never irritate your skin. 

What makes bamboo fabric a sustainable choice?

In comparison to using wipes or cotton pads, the environmental benefits of switching to a bamboo wash cloth are huge. In 2019, the UK used an astonishing 11 billion wet wipes – the vast majority of which are non-biodegradable, so end up in landfill, our coastline or blocking our sewage systems. Bamboo wash cloths are not only reusable but they are also produced from sustainable materials.

bamboo from farming to face cloths

Bamboo originates from bamboo grass, a self-sustained plant that requires significantly less water to grow compared to conventional cotton. It is the fastest growing plant on earth and can grow up to one metre a day never needing to be replanted. It produces more oxygen than other plants and doesn’t require any toxic fertilisers or pesticides, making it 100% natural and sustainable. Bamboo products can also be composted and will naturally biodegrade in a couple of years. 

The best way to use bamboo face cloths

 A warm and damp bamboo face cloth will melt away any oils, makeup, dirt and dead skin cells to be wiped away easily without requiring any harsh chemicals, offering gentle skin cleansing. It will also open up your pores allowing any serums placed after to be absorbed into the skin and penetrate further. For the best results, we recommended replacing your bamboo towels every 4-5 months as although they will last for ever, they may lose their exfoliation properties over time.  

And because they are naturally skin kind they are also a great choice for little ones, helping babies and children to stay clean without irritating their delicate skin.

Naturally antibacterial

Odour emitted from fabric normally means that there is a bacteria manifestation, but Bamboo has natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and odour resistant qualities due to the antimicrobial agent called Bamboo Kun found in it. It is also highly absorbent and its moisture wicking properties are four times more effective than cotton making them one of the most absorbent fabrics on the market. Not only do they absorb more, but they are quick drying.


Bamboo face cloths have been our firm favourite skincare item for years. It is the perfect staple skincare item that will make skincare more enjoyable. Investing in an organic bamboo towel saves you money and is better for your skin in the long run. And why not share the joy of bamboo with your nearest and dearest; these cloths make perfect Christmas gifts and stocking fillers for friends and family of all ages!

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