REME Alpine Squad – Skiing to success

Reme Alpine skiing

Patra proudly supports the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers team as they prepare for their alpine challenge

For a second consecutive year, Patra Selections are proudly supporting the REME squad at this season’s races in Serre Chevalier in France. As with last year, the championships will be fast and fascinating – all the teams are in excellent physical condition and the competition among the Army teams is going to be fierce.

The REME team

The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers are highly skilled officers that maintain, repair and manufacture equipment. They keep aircrafts, tanks and weapons maintained and performing at their best.

Back in December the team went to Austria, where they spent an intensive period of 6 weeks in training. They are now ready for the divisional and Army Championships, which will start on 16 January.

If they are successful in the divisional challenge, they will move onto the Army Championships. Here a team of eight from the whole Army will be selected to make an inter-service team to take on the RAF and Navy teams. For the first time, along with the men’s team, there will be a women’s team increasing the number of competitors to 26 officers.

Reme Alpine skiingAlpine skiing

Alpine is a highly demanding form of ski racing. In order to turn quickly when descending a mountain slope, the skis are sharper and flatter than other types of skis. It is also far riskier than any other type of skiing, so the skier needs to be in excellent physical and mental condition before attempting it.

Equipment plays an important role, it’s vital to preserve body heat and not allow the skin to become wet. Skiers need a thermal layer that is lightweight, wicks away excess moisture and fits close to the body to give freedom of movement and high absorption without being restricted.

Patra Thermal Silk and Bamboo-Cotton Baselayers

The REME Alpine squad were offered a selection of pure silk and bamboo-cotton baselayers, glove liners and socks that are ideal for demands of intense physical exercise like Alpine skiing. Our Patra Silk thermals are lightweight and regulate the body’s temperature, so in cold environments they retain the body heat and always feel comfortable. They are also hypoallergenic, so they are ideal for people with sensitive skin and allergies.

After their intensive training, the REME squad is now preparing to travel to France to compete in the divisional competition. We wish the whole squad the best of luck for the upcoming races, and are looking forward to hearing about their ski adventure in the Alps.  Keep your eyes peeled for more details!

Reme Alpine squad

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