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Patra sponsors young explorers on an expedition to the Himalayas

Patra is a proud sponsor of the Himalayan expedition of the British Exploring Society. The trek, which will take place in the Ladakh region of the Indian Himalayas in a period of 3/5 weeks, is one we are delighted to support. By providing sets of thermals for all the leaders of the expedition, and a bursary for one young explorer, we reconfirm our passion for sponsoring organisations that have learning experiences as their core values.

British Exploring Society – Inspiring work with young people

British Exploring Society

The British Exploring Society is a personal development charity. Through team work in adverse conditions and testing the physical and mental limits, young people are encouraged to cooperate, develop themselves, and understand better the world around us. With the aid of volunteer leaders from a wide range of professions, they create truly interesting expeditions that help shape the lives of both the leaders and the explorers.

It all started in 1932, when the late Surgeon Commander George Murray Levick RN, laid the foundations of an organisation that is now known as the British Exploring Society. Since then, they have established expeditions in all corners of the world, but the common denominator is “Adventure with purpose”.

Preparing for the challenge ahead

Before starting out on their Himalayan expedition the teams and leaders took part in training sessions to prepare for their trek. These sessions not only helped the participates work on their physical fitness but also gave them a chance to get to know each other a little better before they head off to India.

Back in March the leader teams spent a weekend in the Lake District. Here they had the opportunity to work on their camp craft skills, practice navigation and route planning. As well as this, the leader teams took time to socialise and there was the chance to enjoy talks. These covered important issues such as jungle hazards, understanding local customs and religious practices of the areas they would be traveling through.

Preparing for the challenge ahead

In May the leader teams met up with their young explorers in a training sessions that gave the participates and their team leaders chance to train  together. The group ventured to the wilds of Dartmoor National Park to practice their camp skills, trek up steep tors and learn about first aid  – the perfect opportunity for the teams to bond and gain a better understanding of the challenge that awaits them in the summer.

Himalayan expedition 2016

The Ladakh mountain range is a sparse land with little flora, but with a great diversity of fauna, including migratory birds from other parts of India. There are also endangered species as snow leopards, and Tibetan antelopes, which can be found in the area and the explorers may get the chance to see them from afar.

During 3-5 intense weeks, the young explorers will have the opportunity to encounter the unique villages in the Ladakh Himalayas, and witness birds and animals in their natural habitat while developing useful skills in photography, adventure film making and scientific observation. Through difficulties and without modern luxuries, which makes the need for exceptional baselayers even greater, leaders and explorers will trek together.

Essential baselayers for trekking in the Himalayas

Patra is endorsing the expedition in the Himalayas, by providing sets of women and men’s base layers. These base layers include our popular Silk ones and our newly-developed range of Bamboo-Cotton. These types of baselayers have important features that we are pleased with, which will be prominent in the mission to Himalayas.

Our Silk base layers are indispensable in harsh weather conditions, as they are light to wear, and keep warm by regulating the body’s temperature. They have all natural fibres, which allow the body to breathe and pull the moisture away from it, so it will not feel stuffy, especially after hours on trekking and heavy exercise.

A great alternative to the Silk thermals are the new Bamboo-Cotton ones, which offer a luxurious feel, without compromising on the quality. They are incredibly soft, able to keep warm, and antibacterial, which will be important during the expedition. As with the Silk ones, the Bamboo-Cotton ones are light to wear and fit close to the skin, so the extra moisture is removed completely.

We are proud of our thermals and their worth, and we are looking forward for them to get tested in the inhospitable conditions of the trek, and to provide the members of the mission the necessary protection against the natural elements. For the young explorers and the leaders of the mission, it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and Patra is providing them with the necessary items for a comfortable trek.

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