Silk Bedding – the lap of luxury

Silk bedding

Sheets, covers and pillowcases that make bedtime truly restful

Silk beddingThere’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep. It is important to our physical and emotional wellbeing; impacting on our quality of life and mood. Many things can affect how well you sleep and one thing that can make a difference is your choice of bedding. Silk, with its vast array of natural properties, can help you unwind and wake up feeling more relaxed.

Everyone knows how wonderful silk feels, but it’s not just its heavenly softness that makes it such perfect bedding. If you struggle with being the right temperature in bed – too hot one minute, too cold the next – then silk is ideal for you. It has a very high protein content, and this makes it a natural heat conductor, adjusting to your body’s temperature. Those days of sticking your feet out the bottom of the bed or feeling chilled against cold clammy sheets could be a thing of the past.

Pure and natural properties

silk quiltSilk is also naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and can help decrease the skin’s moisture loss. So if you’ve got dry or sensitive skin, silk bedding can make all the difference.

Sleeping beauty

A silk pillowcase is also very popular with those who want to stay looking their best. Unlike cotton, silk has smooth fibres that won’t tug against your face and hair. When you don’t spend the night on a rough pillow, and your face and hair can glide freely, you’re less likely to wake up wrinkled and with frizzy, fragile hair. And as silk is less absorbent than cotton it won’t dry you out or wick away any face lotions. For those with dry skin or if you just want to stay wrinkle-free, silk brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘beauty sleep’.

The durability of silk

Silk Bedding

Silk Pillowcases

Silk bedding is a really sound investment. This high quality fabric is very strong, resistant and long lasting. It has elastic fibres that can stretch by up to 20% without breaking, making them less likely to suffer from wear and tear. Buy silk bedding today and it can still look fabulous years down the line.

Make your bedroom magical

We’ve talked a lot about the fibres and the hidden properties of silk but we can’t forget to mention how beautiful it looks as well. Famous for its luminous sheen and fluid movement, silk has the ability to brighten a dull room by reflecting light, adding a touch of shine to your bedroom.

silk sheets

Silk Quilt Cover

Most of us sleep about seven hours a night – that’s nearly a third of our lives spent in bed, so isn’t it worth making it feel as special as you can?

Lightweight and smooth yet strong and warm – this multi-facetted wonder fabric has it all.

Allow yourself a little bedtime indulgence and envelop yourself in the sublime comfort of silken sheets.

Our range includes silk quilt covers, sheets and pillowcases. Have a look at our bedding sets and our accompanying range of sleepwear for women and men, they make perfect Christmas gifts or just something well deserved and special for yourself.

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