What’s Hot off the Autumn/Winter 2014 Catwalk?

Your guide to fashion and style for AW14

London Fashion week showcasing autumn/winter looks

London Fashion Week showcasing autumn/winter looks

The fashion month is at an end, with the world’s top designers showcasing their Autumn/Winter collections on the runways from New York in February to the final shows in Paris in March. Let’s look back at the trends in vogue for the coming Autumn/Winter.

Back to nature

Fashion designers often draw inspiration from places they’ve been, eras they’ve lived through, capturing the zeitgeist in colour, texture, fabric and style.  This season’s inspiration has echoes of a more earthy living: artisan crafts, layered knits, and 50s glamour in vintage photographs, muted filters, red lipstick, and classic silhouettes.

Trends seen on the catwalk

Trends seen on the catwalk

Animal warmth prevailed on the catwalk this year. Luxurious shearling, feathers and fur cocooned models as they glided down the catwalk, and waists were back in, nipped and flaunted with A-line skirts in touchy feeling tweeds and wool.

It seems fashion fads have taken a back seat this season, with classics in full play. The only nod to the usual extreme of the fashion house eveningwear collections being a rather subdued pairing of soft sweaters with dressy skirts.

Some favourite fashion colours

Some favourite fashion colours

Stunning hues

The Summer’s pastels are continuing through into Autumn, and we saw Marc Jacobs and Chloe, amongst others, rocking camels and caramels, neutrals and low-saturation primaries.

Texture was key – soft, woolly, furry, cosy, bobbly, velvety. It seems the fashionistas are hailing a return to wearable, pleasing fabrics, in classic cuts that bow to the climate.

Bringing the catwalk to you

As ever, our signature fabrics hit the mark with cosy cashmere, soft silks and warm woollens.  From the catwalk to the catalogue, we’ve blended together a figure- and fabric-flattering palette for Patra’s Autumn collection of Squash, Garnet, Raisin and Chestnut, complimented by flashes of Green, Sea Blue and Denim.



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