Eczema Sufferers Find Relief In Pure Silk Underwear

Silk clothing e-tailer, Patra Selections, today announced that there has been a gradual increase in the sale of silk base layer and underwear items, which can be soothing for the itchy, inflamed skin of eczema sufferers.

Patra Selections today announced an increase in the sale of next-to-the-skin silk products from their range. Underwear and base layer items made from pure silk are reported to be beneficial to eczema sufferers because of their calming properties on inflamed, itchy skin.

“There’s been a gradual rise in the sale of our silk tshirts, silk socks and silk gloves” says Rita Patra, Managing Director of Patra Selections. “Pure, undyed silk is very soothing next to skin, which makes it perfect for people with eczema. It’s temperature-regulating, completely natural and it allows the skin to breathe, so the wearer feels cool and less itchy. Silk gloves can be especially good for eczema, which often appears on the hands and between the fingers.”

Because silk thread is made of many very long filaments, unlike short cotton fibres, silk is less likely to shed and irritate open sores. According to GP, Dr Rupert Mason[1], “This produces a fabric that is perfectly smooth and does not cause friction on the skin.  [Silk] also has greater ability to absorb moisture than cotton, and helps to maintain the body temperature by reducing excessive sweating and moisture loss.“


[1] Mason R, What Goes with Eczema – a review of clothing materials and their effect on eczematous skin,

About Patra Selections

Patra Selections was established in 1964 and this family-run independent mail-order firm offers natural luxurious fabrics, exclusive styles, exceptional quality, at amazing affordable prices. As experts in silk, they source and hand select fabrics with great care, ensuring that they only offer items of superior quality.

With a wide range of pure silk base layer and underwear items like silk socks, silk boxers, silk glove liners and more, all items are exclusive and designed in-house with the utmost care and attention to detail, and always with style, comfort and manageability in mind.

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